Welcome to my site!

Aloha! My name is Jennifer House and I am a professional organizer in Northern California, primarily serving the lovely mountain area of the Mother Lode. An avid longtime organizer, I enjoy helping new and current clients achieve their ultimate dream: Organization in their lives, and keeping it. Many tips and tools can be used to achieve harmony and balance in your life and I am happy to offer this service. Many clients come to me asking me for advice on how to improve their lives and become more organized. I have helped many achieve this goal, and I hope to do the same for you.  

Services offered:  
* An Initial 2-Hour Organization Consultation    
* Tips and Tools to Create an Organized Space    
* Becoming Clutter-Free    
* Space Planning    
* Residential and Business Organization    
* Home Office and Computer Organization    
* Time and Paper Management Skills    
* Closet System Design and Wardrobe Organization    
* Behavior Modification    
* Designing and Organizing Kitchen Spaces    
* At-Home Spa Retreats    
* Special Event Planning    

What I believe in:     

* Dedication and Loyalty to All Clients    
* Exceptional Service    
* Emotional Well-Being and Peace of Mind     

Email me at jenn.house27@gmail.com
for more information   

Call me today at (209) 591-3679 for a consultation!   

Local, professional references available upon request.

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